Roastery and workshop

Award from the German Roasters guild
Kaffee-Bühne is pleased to receive a Gold certificate from the German Roaster guild A.V. awards in their Berlin tasting competition where they awarded us their first prize for our “Geisha Natural” coffee.


Kaffee-Bühne is a small Coffee roastery in the centre of Biberach.
Here you will find gently and freshly roasted coffee, prepared to barista quality. Coffee aromas reminiscent of Italy. Organic cultivation, traceable fair payment and fair trade are the basis of our work.


“A pleasure for the palate and the senses”

The magazine IHK  “The economy between Alb and Lake Constance” reports on Kaffee-Bühne. In their “New on the Market” series, founders and young entrepreneurs are presented, this time an interview with Peter Grunwald:
More encouragement to individuality and less standardization would also be a big win for small shopping towns like Biberach. read more (PDF) >


Select raw beans
You can drink and buy more than 15 different types of coffee, including very exquisite ones. We obtain the exquisite raw beans from Rehm & Co in Hamburg. The Peru Finca Rosenheim coffee, for example, is certified with the Rainforest Alliance seal.

Varied and elaborate preparation methods such as French Press or Chemex make drinking coffee a real pleasure. Let yourself be seduced.


Workshop events
Various small events take place in the play room. These are, for example: theater, puppet theater, readings, performance, music. Seminars and workshop activities are offered during daily operations.
The program 
can be found here.

Puppets and Marionettes

We also sell various dolls and marionettes, as well as other small figures. The puppets come from the very well-known puppet workshop in Bielefeld and some of them are exclusive to Kaffee-Bühne. The dolls are all “Made in Germany”.